~~Cafe de Paris~~

Its been a while now, since I’ve posted on this blog of mine- too long!! This post is dear to me for a simple reason- I enjoyed the food , the aesthetics and the vibes of the place just as much as, the time I spent with the people who accompanied me during the 2 … More ~~Cafe de Paris~~


Va Pho is the newest addition to the array of fun dining Asian restaurants in town. Now I’ve never really ventured into Pan-Asian cuisine and by that I mean Thai , Vietnamese , Chinese , Burmese , Malaysian and many more. Va Pho made my experience of heading on this culinary journey a really fun … More VaPHO-LICIOUS

Shopping is my middle name..

Hi, my name is Vijayalakshmi and I am a shopaholic! As every girl is , I am picky about my clothes and accessories and am tired of searching for the right one every time (much like my Mr.right!), Thus, online shopping is my prince in shining knight’s armor .

Crispy enough?!!

On my 20th birthday which was not so long ago(5th may to be precise), I decided I wanted to do something that would make it something phenomenal and just not another generic day. So I decided to treat myself to a lil something in the morning – “an unforgettable breakfast”! I had been looking up on … More Crispy enough?!!

A fresh start :)

Hi to everyone reading this. I am a girl who sits next to you in class everyday ( shout out to all my friends!). I wanted to start this blog since forever. Infact , anything related to writing excites me. Yup , I am that person who gets all hyped up to write feedbacks in … More A fresh start 🙂