My experience at the new pet-friendly place “The Bark”

As I stepped into the restaurant and looked around, the words ‘cozy’ and ‘date destination’ popped first into my head. The mint and white coloured walls, cozy seatings (both indoor and outdoor), warm toned lights and faux vines near the ceiling made sure of that! We didn’t get to see the dogs the day I … More My experience at the new pet-friendly place “The Bark”


Va Pho is the newest addition to the array of fun dining Asian restaurants in town. Now I’ve never really ventured into Pan-Asian cuisine and by that I mean Thai , Vietnamese , Chinese , Burmese , Malaysian and many more. Va Pho made my experience of heading on this culinary journey a really fun … More VaPHO-licious

Central Perk vibes.

This is an era in which new-age , fusion or themed cafes/restaurants are popping up everywhere .Chennai is no exception to this and  Chennaites usually welcome them with open arms. The challenge however for such cafes is to stand out among others. Hence innovative yet food that satiates amply is what attracts the crowd and the … More Central Perk vibes.